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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Well, he's really not $12 million this year, he's only $7 with money deferred. So we wouldn't really HAVE to move anyone, and then you can slot that money to replace Konerko's at the end of the year.

I mean, there's no point in discussing that now, because it's done. But it's certainly something that would have really helped this club at a reasonable value.
And then two and three years from now his contract is an albatross that is preventing the Sox from spending on the top FA's at that time. I'd rather have Konerko's salary at the end of this year to use this offseason instead off already promising it to someone who, frankly, I just don't see as that much of an impact player, and particularly for the Sox. Don't forget, we play half our games at the Cell, and power is part of our game. Yes, a balanced lineup is crucial, but we are down to Dunn, Konerko and Viciedo as potential 30+ HR guys, with Konerko showing less pop these days, and you want to platoon Viciedo in order to play a speedy, low-power OF. I don't think Bourn would have been a good fit here, and especially not at the kind of money he got.
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