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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Believe me, I respect your opinion here. And trust me, there are plenty of times when I think to myself "yeah, that's enough of that." But something is posted with dramatic effect, and I reminded as to why I continue to bring it up. To be honest, I don't even remember anyone saying that about Beckham. Not saying it didn't happen, but I don't remember it. However, with Rose, it wasn't just the one statement. It was multiple statements, from him being a bust to him not improving his outside shot because he was already a gym rat, and other statements. It's just tough taking anything said seriously because it is done with such dramatic effect and then to tell others you're not stating your opinion but those of other experts? *****.
Believe me Spawn, when I bring up evidence and people like you have no response but to dwell on irrelevant past because you can't think for yourself, I think in asterisks too.
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