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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I've heard this before. I'll take my chances on 23 year olds who hit 25 homers their first full year, and can go deep into right center.

I wonder what you thought about Austin Jackson a year ago. Got on at about the same clip as Viciedo and struck out 50% more.

Carlos Lee was quite similar to Viciedo at the same age, although he got a few more hits, but less strikeouts, walks and homers.
You could have made that same argument about Beckham. Didn't make the scouts wrong.

I'm not terribly familiar with Austin Jackson's struggles, but I'm pretty sure Caballo isn't really comparable. I think you're missing the big picture with Viciedo. He doesn't make enough contact, and that's because he doesn't see the ball (or his approach is such that he'd guessing). That's not something Caballo or anyone else I can think of dealt with.
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