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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post

I really don't understand why people are willing to give up on Viciedo. I don't think he's going to turn into Frank Thomas or anything and he might strike out a lot but the guy is still 23 years old and has a lot of raw power. He might not be the kind of guy we can build around offensively but it is waaaay too early to write him off.
Probably because 23 years old and power are really not that much to go on?

I'm in the minority here, obviously, but there's a reason scouts weren't high on the kid to begin with. And his numbers are just something you don't see really ever (what with so little contact and so few walks) in someone that ends up sticking. He's got such good bat speed that it's really a shame that he has the approach he does. It's why I keep saying they need to send him down for a year and come up with a whole new approach. Or maybe get him some glasses.
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