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Dayan Viciedo 762 PA after his age 23 season. Perhaps calling Viciedo up at age 21 was a bit early.

Willie Stargell - 362 PA - So getting his at bats in the minors somehow makes him more accomplished? Presumably, if he were called up at age 21 his ratios would be even worse.

Andre Dawson 1300+ PA, but was ROY the year before at .282/.326/.474 - None the less his numbers at age 23 are nearly identical to Viciedo's

Dave Parker 377 PA - again, he was instead batting in the minors

Jermaine Dye - .252/.286/.394, 4.55 K/BB, 4.77 PA/K, ages 22-24 ('05 WS MVP) - 591 PA (close)

Ryan Howard -
- He was 24 in his first season with 42 PA. Exactly. While Viciedo was playing in the majors, Howard was wiffing at a higher rate AT A-Level Minor league BALL. If a player fails at the major league level at age 23, certainly a player who hasn't reached AA and struck out 30% of the time IN A-BALL shouldn't have success at the majors either.
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