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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I said likely. And I don't think that's a stretch based on even the articles brought up to attack me. Hell, I could said the whole year. That's actually been published this offseason. Saying a month based on all things isn't lying or making stuff up. And I shouldn't have to vehemently defend the position against trolls for three wasted pages.
People asking you for proof to back up your assertion that Danks is "likely to miss the first month of the season" is not trolling, and it isn't a personal attack. You make an argument around here and people will ask for proof. And when you fail to provide it by wagging the dog and calling people "trolls" and cry wolf over "personal attacks", the critique gets stronger. With the positions you take, maybe you should grow thicker skin.

Now, I'm sure you'll post now how you're being made the bad guy, trolled, misunderstood, what have you. But something you need to consider is this...there has been NO ONE that has defended you or your position. You are the only one on that ledge. Maybe the people critiquing you aren't the ones with reading comprehension issues.

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