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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
I just did a search on his Twitter timeline and searched google for articles written about Danks by Gonzales and I can't find any that mention what you stated. Not a single article or tweet by Mark Gonzales from Oct-January where he states Danks might miss most or all of 2013. You say people are trolling you, then defend your position. Provide links. I shouldn't have to go and find the supposed evidence myself. You make a statement you need to be able to back that statement up otherwise no one will take anything you say seriously.
I'm so sick of this attitude. Like everyone here doesn't already read the Tribune and I'd just lie about it.

I don't have online access to the Tribune. I don't pay for it.

But a ten second Google search pulled up a damn video of Cooper saying it.,-rotation

And that's enough. I'm out of the thread. I'm sick of being disrespected.
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