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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Many of those teams you rattled off are new to the Top 10, though, but it still doesn't answer the question of what does having a good farm system have to do with Major League success? I don't get what correlation you're trying to make.

And, of course, just because the Red Sox have a nice stable of prospects doesn't mean they have a bevy of MLB ready guys. There are plenty of reasons why teams choose to be conservative with their minor league players developmentally and contractually. Ask Gordon Beckham how well it works when you get rushed to the Show.
If you are a higher payroll team having a good bevy of prospects can be a huge advantage. Need that player to put you over the top, trade a lower payroll team a couple prospects that wouldn't make your team anyway. If your a lower payroll team you better have a good farm system . No margin for error. In my opinion, the Sox farm system probably has cost them a couple playoff spots over recent history. Top heavy, and no depth on the bench or players ready to come up and make an impact. When the Sox need players other than starters to fill in at a high level or come in and play to rest starters, it doesn't happen. The value of having good players ready to play that don't cost that much is huge. Someone who reads Baseball Prospectus should know all this.
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