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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Yes, but they are off 6 or more games every year for the Sox. No winning pitcher in the rotation? 2 last place teams projected last year won their divisions. The machine needs an oil change and a tuneup, and maybe put out to pasture cause it sucks. I'm sure all their other work is great and teams take it seriously and all , and I know a lot of the people there get hired by teams, but that is not what a lot of us were saying. Another poster took offense to the extreme, like we were denigrating the publication, and accused us of being idiots for criticizing their yearly laughable projections . The projection machine is a lemon, and when it is that far off to where you can draw numbers out of a hat and be more accurate, it deserves to be questioned and/or ridiculed. Nothing to do with BP as a whole. They need to make a better predictor machine. If their predictions went the other way and made the Sox out to be way better than what they were every year it would be the same thing.

Those two teams that won their divisions did so with players not projected on the Major League roster though. And while you can say that any team has that potential, I don't think I'm going on a limb by saying there are no players in our minor leagues that will be ready this year to be impact players.
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