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According to Sully's story in the Tribune today, the Cubs are looking at that possibility (and Bob Grim of the Sox told me when I interviewed him that he doesn't personally know of the Sox thinking along those lines but that he's sure it has probably at least been breached).

The problem for either team is going to be lining up enough cable systems to put the channel on their lineup and I'm assuming it would go into a higher costing tier, which could also be a major issue in this economy.

Then the other issue is programming. What can the Cubs get? Even YES does things like run movies, talk shows, infomercials because they can't fill 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with just the Yankees and Nets.

Remember JR owns the Bulls and has a great relationship with the Wirtz family, they built the United Center together. Assuming those two franchises don't come on board what would the Cubs be left with? The Fire???

One thing is for sure today in the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Angels and now Dodgers are showing, TV money drives the bus. If you don't have a deal, or can't get a deal literally bringing you millions and millions and millions of dollars a year, just for TV, you are royally screwed.

Both the Sox and Cubs are going to do everything and anything they can to leverage every nickle they possibly can out of the Chicago market in the next deal.


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