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Originally Posted by Lamp81 View Post
As long as WGN America keeps showing local Chicago sports, I can't see why the Cubs would want to leave the WGN TV family.

The Cubs depend on out of market tourists coming in each summer to fill Wrigley Field. If WGN America doesn't broadcast those games across the country, the Cubs lose out on free marketing of the Ballpark. I couldn't find a 2013 TV schedule for the Cubs, but I wonder, does WGN show more home games then away games? Do the Cubs steer their home games onto WGN, so as to feture Wrigley Field?

They really have to take that into account if another local station like a WCIU26 or WPWR50 were to outbid WGN for broadcast rights. The Sox, would probably take a higher bid from WCIU or WPWR, as they don't rely on WGN America to fill their park. Although, when on vacation, most hotels do carry WGN, and I usually get to see at least 1 Sox game, mmostly Saturday nights.
I don't think that is all that relevant anymore. The Red Sox don't have a national network like that but I'm sure they don't have problems promoting their ballpark as a tourist destination. With the proliferation of games on ESPN, MLB Network, TBS, and Fox, the Cubs will have plenty of games on national TV.
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