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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
Some of those are just plain one-offs though. I mean would they really have affected the outcome of an entire season or series? The Dybzinski thing hurt but the Sox as a whole scored what, three runs in that entire series? After destroying the ball and the AL from August on? That's one of those inexplicable things with baseball. To me that was one of the most disappointing Sox teams ever. Luzinski didn't help either by guaranteeing a sweep...
Actually Dybzinski's the one tangible example of a singular play or moment on that list that probably re-writes Sox history. If Dybzinski doesn't holds up on that play, the Sox win Game 4. Hoyt wasn't going to lose in Game 5 at home. The Sox bats would have re-awakened and beat the Phillies easily.
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