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It's funny, because it's a double edged sword /Catch 22 for the Cubs and their fanbase.

Yes, so many many things about the Cubs games are stupid, lame, etc. The Go Cubs Go song, the guest conductor of the 7th inning stretch, and on and on and on. But it's a part of what everyone calls the "Wrigley Experience", along with the rooftops, the weeds on the wall, the old scoreboard, not having a jumbotron (which of course makes the baseball there so much more purer than anywhere else), the grown men standing around on Waveland and Sheffield hoping to catch a homerun. Over the last few years, the Rickets have said it won't be the same old Cubby way at Wrigley, they'll be doing everything they can to modernize and bring more up to date amenities to Wrigley. They're trying to get more nightgames, the whole fight with the rooftop owners, putting an electronic scoreboard in right field, etc.

The thing is, all of these and other lame things that make the "Wrigley Experience" or the "Cubby Experience" are the reason why the Cubs are popular, and rake in the cash from the tourists, yuppies, fratboys and trixies. Stripped of all or many of these things, the Cubs are nothing but a really really lousy baseball team, with the worst history in all four pro sports. Oh what are the poor little Cubbies to do ?
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