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In winter ball if a player gets hurt the MLB team isn't obligated to pay his salary are they? Seriously I don't know if this is the case or not since there are times when a MLB team will ask a player to go.

Another factor in the NHL / Olympics is the fact that the larger ice surface and the fact that they do not permit the nonsense that goes on in NHL games reduces the injury risk factor.

Bottom line, I want all White Sox players on the 40 man roster in camp under the eyes of their manager and coaches getting ready for what matters, the regular season with a possible shot in the playoffs.

I don't care if the US wins the World Baseball Classic...I do care about how the Sox do in the regular season and possibly the postseason. That's not so hard to undertsnad is it?

No one is stopping you from enjoying the thrilling China - Australia game, if that tickles your fancy, go for it. I won't waste my time (and as Phil Rogers wrote most Americans aren't either...)

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