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Originally Posted by sachin View Post
Not meant to be a diss, but can you do an interview with someone that's a "Fan Favorite" and not just "Random Dude Who Was Available and Tracked Down"? No offense, but Marc Hill was never that spectacular of a player on either side of the plate, whereas Karkovice was a great defensive catcher who played on some good teams in the 90s and might be an interesting read.

Joe Crede would be a good get. Rudy Law might be kinda fun. James Baldwin would be pretty funny. Just some suggestions...
Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
You do realize that this is not Lip's "job" but strictly a volunteer effort- marc Hill was a beloved back up on a very meaningful team (1983)- and if you read the actuall interview- its pretty interesting.
Let me just add one other thought on this, as I read a lot of books and interviews about famous sports team or memorable eras. Sometimes the most insightful interviews aren't with the best athletes, but with the guys who were on the periphery taking it all in.

When I'm reading about the '83 Sox, I want to see as many angles and hear as many voices as I can. A guy like Marc Hill can have some great perspective on a team like that.

For some reason, you're equating talent on the field with interview insight, which is really, really silly. Karkovice was a better defensive catcher, so that makes him funnier or more anecdotal or have a better memory for more stories, etc? Of course not.
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