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I'm not sure we're in such bad shape that we need to think about "fixing" things for a year from now. Only a bunch of losses to Detroit - especially at the end - separated the Sox from the postseason. I am not saying that's insignificant; but just as the Tigers are getting a healthy Martinez, we are getting a healthy Danks. I think we will compete all year long. And if a few breaks go our way, we might take the division.

We lost AJ, but I think Keppinger compensates in the lineup. Also, counting on a 35+ catcher to replicate a career year is risky; a similarly-aged Torii Hunter may be exposed defensively in cavernous Comerica.

Gillaspie is interesting. What if he wins the 3B job outright, and either Keppinger becomes the super-sub, or Beckham goes to the bench? Gillaspie doesn't have to be Ventura or Crede, but what if he's Herbert Perry?

The bottom line is that for 2014, we may not need to think about fixing or rebuilding, but rather ask if PK should be re-signed, or ask how to replace his production. And frankly, we may have an internal OF option that allows Dunn to play first with Viciedo at DH.

Things aren't necessarily as bleak as many seem to think.
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