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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I know a lot of people are making snarky comments about this, but Ventura did clearly say during Soxfest several times that he was considering using Morel as a backup shortstop. I heard it with my own ears, so it was definitely discussed over the winter, and seemingly Ventura is somewhat serious. In fact, I think Hahn talked about it in one of the seminars as well, talking about how valuable Morel would be as a backup second baseman or shortstop. Unfortunately either nobody remembers that or the media just simply did not pick up on the comment in January. It was discussed though.

It makes as much sense as anything. I'm all for it except in the case that Morel's health can't hold up even as a backup. If this is the case and we lose Sanchez because he is out of options where does that leave us?

It's a shame Morel was hurt from the get go last year...his September 2010 was awesome.
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