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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
That sort of illustrates how meaningless sping training stats are. If you're a veteran pitcher assured of your role with the team, you may be working on a new pitch or, in the case of some pitchers, saving some of your best stuff for the regular season because it puts additional cumulative strain on your arm and you may want to save that for when it counts.

Veteran position players may take different approaches to their hitting in the spring than they do during the regular season. Sometimes, the better your competition, the less they are competing. Sometimes the players with the biggest incentives to have the best stats to make the team are better than higher-paid players in front of them. Sometimes they perform better because they are the only ones playing for something. The stats tell you nothing that that eye test doesn't.
I agree, especially early in Spring when guys are just trying to get work in and shake off the rust. I think stats toward the later part of the Spring are more valuable in that regard, but you're still looking at a sample size of only 1-2 weeks at best. I think we can pull a couple of 10-game spans out of Gordon Beckham's career in which he might seem like a Hall of Famer, but on whole his career has been incredibly disappointing.

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