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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
The Joe Crede grand slam game, right?

Funny how you have small memories of each Opener. Oddly, I can't remember much about the last two.

2003 - Rain delay, Loaiza got the start.
2004 ?
2005 Opener vs. Cleveland, Infield hit by Rowand?, Ross Gload stab & Shingo save
2006 - Opening Night, Rain, Thome Bomb
2007 - Contreras' wife serves him divorce papers and the Sox get destroyed
2008 - Crede slam (vs. Minn or Detroit? can't remember)
2009 - Rescheduled game due to snow, Wise gets booed out of the park for leading off, Thome homer
2010 - Buehrle start, Konerko homer, great Rios catch
2011 - Cold day, Edwin Jackson pitches a good game
2012 - ? I'm getting old.
Also a great game pitched by Mark Buehrle who out dueled Jake Westbrook. Game was completed under 2 hours if I remember right.
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