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I went with D(+), but most of that isn't Hahn's fault.

A lower level of payroll than than 3-5 years ago and hamstrung by big contracts and neglect of the farm system/drafting policy didn't leave him with much to work with.

Keppinger was a good signing if he can get healthy, but leaving us with a Class AA backup catcher and one of the weakest benches in the AL isn't so good.

Glad he inherited a pretty good pitching staff with a number of good young cost-controlled arms. I don't especially agree with the Peavy signing, but that could have been a Jerry-backed "butts-in-seats" move. I like Sale's deal, but there's risk involved for both the Sox and the player, and such high numbers in later years could be a millstone if he gets hurt and can't live up to potential. I'd have preferred a shorter deal, then an un-Jerry like move of paying the guy what he's worth if he becomes what we think he can.

Would have really liked to have seen another deal to bring in a young hitter with patience and can hit to all fields with average to reduce our homer-or-nothing approach, and one of Viciedo, Flowers or Beckham sold high on potential.
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