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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
High number? Are you posting from 1980? There's only one guaranteed year worth over $10 M, which is EXTREMELY reasonable in this day in age for a pitcher of his quality. I don't see the shorter term deal logic, either, Sale was already under the Sox's control for 4 years, so all they've essentially done is extend is contract 1 extra guaranteed year but eliminated the uncertainty of price for the length of his deal. Pretty much any smart team or GM; Tampa Bay, San Francisco, St. Louis, etc. is making these moves nowadays.
Well, the issue here (that we had threads on this all winter) really is are we going to lose a year from him, and when he comes back, will he be as good?

I am glad they locked him up for a ridiculously good deal – if he pitches all those years.

You can't deny that its a big question mark if he pitches all those years at last year's level of quality. If there was a much lesser chance of severe injury based on the way he pitches, it would be a fantastic deal, which is probably why he signed it.
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