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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
I received my tickets Monday and was ripping and sorting them all last night.

I have a 4 seat full season ticket plan that I have been splitting with a few other guys for many years. Opening day is purchased by me (as the plan owner / coordinator) and the other 80 games are drafted over five rounds with the draft order reversing each round. Its always a lot fun.

The selection process should be more interesting this year. In the past the first ten picks were so predictable - Cubs, Red Sox and Yankees tickets always went first. It should be different this year as the Sox assigned 9 different price points to the platinum box seats. The Cubs tickets are now $110 each so I would not be surprised if they last a while. Some weekday games are as low as $42 per ticket. The Red Sox and the Yankees aren't what they used to be and their games are all on weekdays. And the Sox schedule doesn't have any "marquis" summer weekend series against higher interest teams like the Cards, Giants, Nats or Brewers etc. Our interleague games are the Marlins and the Mets...yuck. Not really an exciting schedule this year.
And the Braves. Not a bad draw.
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