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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I agree with Lip, I just don't think American players really give a damn about this tournament and I think the managers of the American team have consistently treated it like an extension of spring training. I think it is a VERY big deal for almost everyone else though.

This tournament is a really good idea but it has some kinks that need to be worked out. I hope it does well and eventually reaches the point where the best players from each country WANT to play in this tournament and you can do away with that pitch count rule and maybe move it out of the middle of March when players aren't ready yet.
It is a known fact majority of Americans don't take international competition seriously. And, it's the case for all sports, not just baseball. I do think it was taken more seriously during the time of the Soviet Union and all of the other communist countries reign. But, most people these days under 30 don't even remember those times.

I am for international competition. The problem with this tourny, which the quality of play is probably good, it's hard for myself to take it seriously. It's beyond stupid that second generation Americans who have zero ties to such country is playing for the respective country. I watched a little bit of the game today just because nothing else was on. I enjoyed the play, but I wasn't emotionally attached to it. I was much more upset the Sox faltered down the stretch last season, but I wasn't even close to being upset as I was in 2003. But, that's just more of who I am today more than anything.
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