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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I agree with Lip, I just don't think American players really give a damn about this tournament and I think the managers of the American team have consistently treated it like an extension of spring training. I think it is a VERY big deal for almost everyone else though.

This tournament is a really good idea but it has some kinks that need to be worked out. I hope it does well and eventually reaches the point where the best players from each country WANT to play in this tournament and you can do away with that pitch count rule and maybe move it out of the middle of March when players aren't ready yet.

I think this tournament is getting better each time out. If a tournament was only measured by American level of interest- the World Cup would be somewhere between the Music City Bowl and the AHL Finals. Clearly the teams and fans from Japan, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic all care deeply about this tournament and who wins. For this being only the 3rd WBC- impressed with the way its growing outside the US- and the quality of play across the board is improving for the "non baseball" countries like China, etc.

It's pretty cool to see players of this calibar playing their hearts out- not for money- but for pride in their country. That makes for some unique and interesting baseball.

It needs broader access on TV (need to have some games make it to network TV or at least ESPN/TBS, etc.) and MLB radio should have the games- especially Team USA.
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