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Soccer....ah yes. I remember the NASL, the Chicago Sting and the advertising motto, "it's the sport of the 70's..." then it became "it's the sport of the 80's..."

Is it "the sport of the new century yet" ??????????????????

Not knocking soccer, other nations enjoy it. Good for them. It hasn't caught on as a major U.S. sport in 40 years. It won't.

Same as the WBC. Just doesn't connect with the American fan.

So be it. Those who enjoy it, good for you. The majority of U.S. fans though see WBC and let out a big yawn.


By the way just read a column in S.I. where the author acknowledged that this made for TV event isn't popular with U.S. fans and probably will never be but he did offer one suggestion. He says play the opening rounds in March, then shut the season down for 10 days in July to play the finals.

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