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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Soccer....ah yes. I remember the NASL, the Chicago Sting and the advertising motto, "it's the sport of the 70's..." then it became "it's the sport of the 80's..."

Is it "the sport of the new century yet" ??????????????????

Not knocking soccer, other nations enjoy it. Good for them. It hasn't caught on as a major U.S. sport in 40 years. It won't.
You're completely missing the point. Soccer has caught on gradually over the last decades. Hell, in the last five years it's made a drastic move. These days, when I'm wearing anything Tottenham out, it's not unusual to have someone comment on it.

Again, World Cup final ratings are comparable to World Series games. Champions League final ratings are comparable to NHL playoff games. Would not have been imaginable in the NASL era.
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