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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
The World Cup is one of the reasons that soccer is the world's most popular sport, by far. It is also more popular in America than some people here than people will admit. And there are some Americans who fight the increasing popularity of soccer while denying it.

I would love to see a baseball equivalent, although it will never be as popular worldwide as soccer. Baseball faces challenges that soccer and even basketball doesn't because of the length and strain of the American professional baseball season. But I think anyone who cares about baseball should embrace the concept of a baseball World Cup.
The length of the baseball season in the US just makes it hard to find a good time to play the tournament. It would be nice if they could maybe have the qualifying rounds in March and then the semi-finals and finals in the middle of June instead of an All Star Game. The logistics get a bit tricky though.

I do think that something like this can help the game grow in the long run. What was the popularity of basketball like outside (you might even be able to argue inside of) the US in the 1970s? The 1992 Dream Team helped grow the popularity of basketball to a whole new level internationally. If baseball had any idea of how to properly market the game, they could conceivably do something similar. But you would need to have the best players from every country involved. You couldn't have a guy like Justin Verlander or Mike Trout or Albert Pujols sit out.

Go Sox!!!
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