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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
I'm sure no one gave a **** about the 1934 World Cup, either, but 80 years later its the worlds premier sporting competition. People forget that the vision of the tournament isn't on a 4 year time scale, it's more like 15-20 years. You can't force interest in people you have to let it grow organically. The comparative popularity of soccer in the US from 40 years ago vs. now is an apt comparison.

Hell, the NCAA Tournament wasn't near the juggernaut it is now 40 years ago.
Originally Posted by TDog View Post
The World Cup is one of the reasons that soccer is the world's most popular sport, by far. It is also more popular in America than some people here than people will admit. And there are some Americans who fight the increasing popularity of soccer while denying it.

I would love to see a baseball equivalent, although it will never be as popular worldwide as soccer. Baseball faces challenges that soccer and even basketball doesn't because of the length and strain of the American professional baseball season. But I think anyone who cares about baseball should embrace the concept of a baseball World Cup.
England declined to even compete in the first few World Cups because they felt it was beneath them. They thought it was assumed that because they invented the sport that they would be the best.

Sound familiar?
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