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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
The rosemont station at river road on the blue line is not that far from this proposed location. I bet not much further than the green line stop from Sox park.
Perusing google maps a bit, the Green Line to Sox Park is .4 miles. The walk in between is on a two-lane road with sidewalks on either side.

For the Rosemont site, I used the Rosemont Theatre, which fronts River Rd. To the theater from the train station, it says .7 miles, so I would guess that gets it to about a mile, as the site I am guessing they're using is the one behind the theatre, as opposed to another empty field just south of the Bandits stadium on the other side of the tollway. That walk from the Rosemont El stop is on a 4-line, divided street in River Road that looks less than pedestrian-friendly, to say the least.

Also, while the article linked to the site behind the Rosemont Theatre on the east side of the tollway, there appears to be construction going on there. I think I read something about an outlet mall going in there. Thus, I wonder if the empty parcel of land in question is actually on the north side of Balmoral just west of the tollway. That's an even worse location when it comes to access for any kind of transportation.
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