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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
You mention tourist revenue, I cant think of a more populated tourist base than the hotels filled in rosemont. All within walking distance to the proposed field. Sure it wont be to see a old historic field but maybe it will be to see a good ball club. Yes I know that is
Uh, what? Tourists don't go to Cubs games to see the Cubs, they go there to see Wrigley Field. The experience of being at Wrigley is what allures so many of them. If the Cubs were a good team and people wanted to see them play, you can get for an entire season for the same price as a hotel room in Rosemont, which is, again, not at all designed for people to walk around, unless you're now building private skywalks from every hotel to the new park as well as the Blue Line stop.

If the Cubs were playing good baseball, they'd pack the park because there's still a lot of Cub fans in the Chicago area that would go see them. But last year, they were historically terrible and they still drew 2.8 million people because they can count on hundreds of thousands if not over a million tourists to go to a game there, regardless of what's going on. That goes away with Wrigley.

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