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I see this as a positive for the Sox. I was worried that they would reward Danks for his hard work and out of respect, let him start the season with the big league team. Then he would lose a bunch of games as he continued to get back into shape. Instead, I see this as doing what is best for the team. Reward Axelrod for having a solid spring training do what they think will help the team win in April. Danks is such a competitor, he would have pushed himself hard trying to win. If he is rehabbing a few more weeks in the minors, he hopefully will be less likely to risk over doing it. April is a crucial month for the Sox because I think a bad April hurts fan enthusiasm for the team and fewer people come to games until they hit a good long winning streak.

Looking forward to the season. There is nothing greener than the first glimpse of the grass from the concourse in the spring. I can smell the grilled onions already.
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