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If Danks really is going to be a huge bust I don't think this will be the injury that proves so. It's a lengthy recovery and being cautious is okay with me because I have faith in the guys behind him. Hopefully he can give us 25-30 starts and come back in full form in 2014. The first year after a should surgery is usually tough for a pitcher and they usually get the arm back to full strength the second season following surgery.

Regardless, I like how our rotation looks right now.

1.) Sale
2.) Peavy
3.) Floyd
4.) Quintana
5.) Axelrod
LR/6). Santiago

We all know what to expect with 1-3. While the verdict is still out on Quintana I think things are looking up for him. Last year he threw 184 innings and before that he never threw over 103. Hopefully that was the reason for his rough September rather than teams figuring him out. Either way, his spring stats have been great and I've read his changeup has improved along with his ability to throw to his arm side of the plate.

Axelrod is another guy who is having a great spring. Him starting, say 3-4 games in April isn't the worst thing ever. While I remember cringing seeing his name in the probables last season I have a new found hope for him. All we need him to do is pitch 5-7 innings while only allowing 2-4 runs. I just want our #5 spot to keep us in the game.

Santiago is a guy I like a lot more than Axelrod in terms of stuff/talent but I guess he isn't locating his off speed stuff as well as the team had hoped. Regardless, its a luxury to have a guy who can come out of the pen and give you four solid innings after a starter gets knocked out early.
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