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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
That documentary was really amazing, IMHO. Hadn't given much thought to it, but Bo is really the reason Nike skyrocketed. Even with MJ's rise to fame, Nike was still second fiddle until after Bo.
You're right. I didn't start following sports until late 1991, but I remember seeing more commericals about Bo Jackson during the later 1980's than I do Michael Jordan. Aside from Don Mattingly, who is from my hometown, Bo Jackson was the only other athlete I paid attention to, largely because he played two sports.

I wonder what may happen if LeBron James ever decided to try football. He's talked about taking a sabatical from basketball in the past to try playing the sport professionally. I think he could do it, and wonder if he may actually be a better athlete than Bo, which is hard to believe. Bo Jackson was amazingly talented.
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