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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
I wonder what may happen if LeBron James ever decided to try football. He's talked about taking a sabatical from basketball in the past to try playing the sport professionally. I think he could do it, and wonder if he may actually be a better athlete than Bo, which is hard to believe. Bo Jackson was amazingly talented.
Given the way he whines and pouts when someone touches him on a basketball court, I can't imagine the way he'd react if someone threw high over the middle and he was cut in half by a safety going up for the catch.

Does he have the physical talent to do it? Yes. I just don't think he'd want to take the hits that go with it. They talked about how "physical" the Bulls were being with him the other night on the broadcast (that's probably the most NBA I've watched in 5+ years), and that was foreplay compared to what he'd probably get in the NFL.
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