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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
You can "duplicate the design" all you want. It will no longer be the same ballpark, and very few people will think it's the same experience. If you do enough modernizing to make it comfortable (instead of the cramped, bad sightlines place that it is) then it will just be a modern ballpark with ivy on the walls. If you don't modernize enough, you'll have a cramped, uncomfortable ballpark with a concourse that's small and has no view of the field, but without any of the supposed "history" of Wrigley. It's a lose-lose.

The history and Wrigley experience is a modern phenonomenon. I remember when they closed the upper deck in the late 70s due to poor performance and poor attendance. It was not until the Tribune purchased the team and the WGN superstation took off that Wrigley Field became the shrine of all things baseball.

Remember, this is a fan base who purchased over 3 million tickets to watch their second worst club in team history in 2012. Losing is cool as long as they can enjoy the sunshine and beer so I don't agree that Rickett's is in a lose-lose situation with the team. He is just trying to sing a sad song to gain public funding.
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