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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
I understand all of that. It's been a dump since I was a little kid in the fifties, and only recently became a shrine. But a shrine it has become, and that WILL NOT be duplicated in another park, and nothing will change that. Tourists absolutely will not make a trip to Pseudo Wrigley a "must" on their trip to Chicago itinerary.
That's why I think it's Rickett's (or any future owner) best bet to rebuild Wrigley, even if he has to do it brick by brick. They already renovated the outfield bleachers, center field scoreboard area and the lower box deck seats. They need to modernize the clubhouses, training facilities, lower deck concourse and a completely new upper deck/concourse. They should also move their business offices off-site to allow for extra amenities perhaps to a building across the street and then work a real roof-top owners deal where they install outfield backdrop lights on top of the rooftops, aka Camden Yarks style.
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