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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Things I don't understand-in no particular order
  1. Their main TV commercial so far is guys goofing around in the locker room- do they really think that gets fans attention and buy tickets?
  2. Removing the pregame video montage
  3. The ridiculous video highlighted in other threads
  4. No fireworks for the Friday night games on April 5 & 19- nice chance to get people out to the park early
  5. Another parking/traffic control disaster yesterday- I arrived at the park at 1:50, followed any signs as best I could, traffic control people seemed confused- big mess- barely made first pitch.
1.) No big deal.
2.) I agree, I have a feeling they'll bring it back though.
3.) Hopefully, they don't play that again.
4.) Agreed.
5.) Sorry to hear that!
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