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Originally Posted by salty99 View Post
Yes I was at gate 3 and someone had to come up with a key and unlock the gate when we got in. We also only got the rally towel and not the magnetic schedule.
Quite a bit of confusion and bad planning at the entrance gates yesterday. I entered Gate 5 at around 2:30. The lines were enormous and not really lines. More like mobs with people cutting in and being general idiots. The magnetic wands were beeping like Geiger counters, so I don't know what they accomplished and one poor "customer service representative" was loudly proclaiming that they were all out of rally towels while standing in front of boxes of them. ( I could tell they were filled because people had torn into them in a help yourself manner.)

On big attendance days, I don't understand why they can't open Gate 6 in the left field corner. In the early years of the park it was used. Also they did not open or use the Bicardi gates off the patio, which helped last year.

All in all I can never complain about Opening Day. It's such a unique and goofy crowd that you really can't plan for the anomalies of that day.
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