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Originally Posted by GlassSox View Post
I do not like the new intro so I did email Brooks to give my opinion, here is his reply:


Thanks for the note.

I have received a few emails on this today. For some, they think that we have replaced a traditional video with a lip synced rock video, which is not the case. Others miss “Pirates”. As part of our research, it was clear that a lot of our fans wanted a fresh look at the open. We tried to continue with the tradition of showing memorable White Sox historical footage over building music and a powerful, inspirational message……building to Thunderstruck. I am hopeful that people will give it a chance.

Again, thank you for the note. I always welcome the feedback.

Originally Posted by Lorenzo Barcelo View Post
Has anyone responded to any surveys either online or at the park specific to the opening intro?
Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I appreciate the role surveys can play in understanding your customer base and target market. But you also need to have a "feel" for that customer base- sometimes the Sox seem to have no real "feel" for their fan base- goes back decades.
Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Also it would be good to know how this particular question was asked in the survey. (Was it written or said in such a way to try to generate a response that would lean towards doing a particular thing?)

Plus how many fans are we talking about here? Hundreds? Thousands?? Or are the responses from a limited number of fans being extrapolated to form an overall opinion?

There were surveys conducted last year and early this year about ticket prices and the fan experience. None of those surveys had any questions regarding the scoreboard montage. Furthermore, if there were secret surveys conducted over the winter (which nobody here or anywhere else has mentioned), I can't believe that the opening montage was of critical importance to anyone.

I know it's strong words to call someone a liar, but Sox fans (here, at least) are a fairly sharp group. "As part of our research, it was clear that a lot of our fans wanted a fresh look at the open. " I mean, I can't believe that's what he's saying. It's hard to take that kind of statement seriously. I've never heard anybody ANYBODY have anything negative to say about the opening montage.

This drips of Brooks assigning a pet project to one of the new kids just of out school to work on over the winter, similar to his giving a new fashion designer a job a couple of years ago to re-design the uniforms. She had a new road uniform set designed, but Reinsdorf said nixed. As a compromise, he allowed the sleeve patch to change. The road uniforms didn't need changing at all.

In the grand scheme of things, neither change is that important; yet, at the same time, neither thing was important enough to change in the first place. Of all the things the staff could be working on, changing the uniforms or the opening montage should be last on their list.
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