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I made the mistake of getting down to the area just after 2pm because the damn cold made me think twice about getting there too early. Oh my god. I didn't even get in the game until bottom of the 2nd. I spent over an hour just trying to figure out where the overflow parking was, and when I realized how far it was I gave up on it. I usually park in the lot by the hot dog joint where people tailgate, so when I saw the hot dog joint parking was $60, I should have realized something was up and just street parked then. Once I got on the east side of the Ryan I was screwed for a good long while. I couldn't even get back across until Cermak since 26th was closed. And then of course I wound up back on the Ryan instead of making my left a turn later to get to Canal so I had to do it all over again.

I finally street parked at 28th and Normal and had to hoof the mile walk after the game started. Never had an experience like this in the last 4 opening days I've been to. I may seriously have to reconsider going next year if someone getting there two hours before the game still waited 20 minutes to get in the lot. The only plus of street parking so far away was I got on the Stevenson fairly quickly.
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