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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
Give me a break. Yes, the Sox fell apart down the stretch, but no one expected them to contend in 2012. That they did anything at all is a testament to Robin's influence over a club that struggled mightily under the leadership of Ozzie Guillen.

And this means that Robin's going to quit? I could understand his leaving if there were another managerial post available, but there isn't, and Robin seems comfortable in Chicago. I don't know why he didn't extend his contract: he probably had reasons for not doing so that we're not aware of. I won't speculate about something I don't have knowledge of.

Leyland is a HOF'er, but that doesn't mean his position is invulnerable. I don't think he'll be fired, but I can understand why someone would think so if the Tigers don't meet expectations.

I don't know why the other posters are giving you a hard time. I'm doing it because I'm sick and tired of reading your unsubstantiated bull**** day after day. Do you have any facts at your disposal- besides Robin not extending his contact- that suggest he's about quit or be fired? Do you have any information suggesting that the Sox will make a change in their hierarchy this season?

Once again, I won't speak for other posters. If there is something wrong with me, perhaps it is that I am too inflexible in my thinking, as I'm loath to jump to conclusions unless I have a significant portion of the information about a subject. That's the reason for my position on this issue. I don't believe that Robin's departure is eminent because I have no information that supports the idea, and I won't speculate by tossing out ideas that may inflame the board.
Let me get this straight. You think Leyland's not invulnerable to being fired first despite being a HOF, not fired after a slow start last year where he led his team to the World Series, and having a team about as likely to miss the playoffs as you are of winning the lottery, but the notion of a second year manager being fired or leaving (when that happens all the time) in the last year of his deal (when that happens all the time) on a team that is riddled with flaws (when that happens all the time) after managing a team that fell short the year before (when that happens all the time) is so completely out there that I have to have some sort of agenda.

It's my best guess. I'm not picking someone else and then after the fact saying "oh, i wanted to pick Robin". I don't think ANYONE is getting fired early in the AL.
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