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I emailed Brooks a link to this whole thread- we may not always agree with him- but I always respect his responsivenes and his willingness to engage with me/us-

Here's his response-

1.We have two commercials in market: First one was PK and Alexei working out “to make an impact” with the voice over of Robin. Second was the “pie in the face” spots to push people to see the ending at (where we sell tickets). We are shooting two more this month that will start airing the first part of May. Trying to bring out some of the personalities on this team. Our fan base does not know the young guys and it is time that they get to know them. This said, it is nice to be able to use the guys as coming off of last year, it was not clear that our fan base wanted to see the guys out front.
2.Did you get a chance to see the new open before Thunderstruck? It incorporates a lot of the highlights from the past (trying to tell the CWS history story) in a little bit different manner. I saw someone state on the thread “Brooks listens to the fans” and this was a direct result of listening to the fans. Many stated that they wanted to see a fresh opening. We did not want to drift too far away from the open teaching new (and young) fans a bit of a history lesson before first pitch. We are still trying to do that. It is a bit of a work in progress but if people give it a chance, I think they will like it. Changing anything is hard, especially when it is something that is liked.
3.That video was our guys having some fun in Spring Training. Again, bringing out a bit of their personalities. It is not meant to win any awards, just guys having some fun. It is meant to run about 45 minutes to an hour before the game starts to be the introduction to “The Show” which is what we call our pregame. “The Show” will feature videos, take fans to different places around the ballpark (and outside the ballpark) and be a bit of a guide to all that USCF has to offer. THIS IS NOT USED TO REPLACE THE OPEN VIDEO. Most of the emails I received thought this was replacing “Pirates” and were from people who were not at Opening Day. Once they understand what this is and what it is meant to be, people typically understand. Certainly, had we (us or Comcast) known or anticipated it would have been thought of or misrepresented as something we are seriously presenting as our open, we would have never run it. It is our guys (and, I will tell you, we have a GREAT group of guys on this team and on our coaching staff) having some fun meant to run early in pregame. It should have never aired on Opening Day prior to the broadcast (when we had our highest rated Opening Day broadcast ever) and it will not be seen on air again. We will still run it where it was meant to be run, 45 minutes before the game to introduce “The Show” unless the players have an issue with it. It is not that big of a deal to upset the players. I hope this provides some clarity.
4.We have tried early fireworks in the past and they create no incremental sales. With the threat of weather in early April, it is better to use the days (our number of fireworks nights are limited by city code) in the summer months where we can make an impact on our sales. It is a business decision and hopefully, this seems reasonable.
5. Traffic Management Authority are city employees, not White Sox employees. Not much we can do here although we try.

Also, I noticed on the thread that a lot of the venom was directed toward guest service representatives and concession workers. I think it is fairly obvious that these are not full time White Sox employees. We have many GREAT people in these areas, but, we realize that we are not batting 1.000 with these people, who do turn over year to year.
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