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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

You and Dan make some great points but remember again that when talking about the Cubs, the Sox do not feel and haven't since the current owners took over that they are in competitition with them for the Chicago market. (Can you imagine either JR or EE calling the Tribune for example and complaining to the editor about the number of column inches the Sox were getting as Bill Veeck did??)

To me that explains a lot of what they have done in the past and why. They honestly feel they are in a 'one team town' in the sense that they are to use Einhorn's exact quote "Chicago's American League team..."

That philosophy has lasted over 30 years now. I don't understand it myself but I never claimed to be a businessman.

I agree. In contrast to the SOX, due to the brilliant (Yes it was!) marketing of Wrigley Field by the Tribune, the Cubs now have the luxury of attracting 3M fans" per season while not re-investing into the on field talent. This allows them to continue to focus on building their brand (Wrigley Field, neighborhood, tourist attraction, hotels, etc.) while they hide behind another rebuilding effort on-field.

I believe Theo will eventually get them back to the playoffs, however I really don't think they are in a hurry and probably enjoy the fact that they can get their prize possession renovated during the process.
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