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Originally Posted by tsoxman View Post
I hear what you are saying relative to the organization's stubborness regarding drafting, paying and developing young talent. However, be careful what you wish for regarding new ownership. The White Sox are for most part, debt free while other clubs like the Cubs are paying service on about a half a billion dollars of debt. The Sox are worth a lot less than the Cubs but the point is, once a team is sold, the cost basis is reset, the debt service clock starts ticking and the team has that much less to spend, unless it can find alternative revenue stream sources.
You provide an excellent point. And that is the Cubs' problem at this point. I don't know the exact figures, but I do know the Cubs had to cut payroll because of MLB debt to salary ratios. Jerry did do right for the Sox that they have zero debt. I believe the Sox only pay a small rent charge if they have over a certain attendance (1.5M?) and none if below.
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