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When a TV deal is signed there is no such thing as an 'opt-out' because of the record of the club in the future, attendance figures or TV ratings.

A station can ask to reopen the deal (and in some contracts there is a clause specifically for this) but the team doesn't have to agree to it

In most cases you sign the deal, that's it...regardless of whether the team wins 100 games a year for the next five years or 65 for the next five seasons.



You do make some valid points as does blandman regarding the franchise. It's pretty clear to me based on things like Forbes and what I've been told the franchise is making money and hasn't lost money in "a long time" (direct quote told to me by someone who used to work for the Sox).

In a way it's a little like the Cubs for a number of years. They were filling the place up despite being bad on the field. Why try to win when you can't get one more person in the seats? It's a sound business decision.

In the Sox case it's why try to produce a consistant winning franchise. A perennial playoff team when the cost to buy or build such a team is huge with no guarantees that it will work out because of bad decisions, injuries ect. Better to stay the course and maximize profits. Again a sound business decision although to me the object of a sports franchise first and foremost is to win, profits come second (or third...) since that's why the game is played.

Based on everything that's been written in this thread it seems the fans have no real idea how to get out of this cycle either. The front office probably doesn't either unless you count "luck" as an alternative.


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