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I agree that something was probably said and that we won't find out what it was. Greinke is indeed a bit of a punk and isn't going to say anything that might chill the Righteous Outrage on his behalf and the sportsblabbers dumping on TCQ as a thug. If Greinke had rotated and lowered his shoulder a bit less maybe he sustains no bone break, and the conversation is different. Not that I'm blaming him for not knowing how to set up for a take down, but you can't judge what happened solely by the severity of the injury.

And speaking of how baseball is played, Greinke will have plenty of time to ponder that every now and then it does get a bit physical, that some risks maybe should be thought about. A person with anxiety issues can have bad aspects to their personality just as a person with anger issues can have good ones. I've never liked Greinke and Carlos remains something of a mystery to me. But there's blame to go around here.
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