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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Slight hijack, but related: If the Sox decline to re-sign Paulie, does Dunn become the primary 1B (in perhaps more of a DH rotation among several position players), and thus would it be reasonable to expect his hitting to improve?
I don't think so. He's not Frank Thomas, who clearly played better when he was the first baseman as opposed to the DH. Dunn has never been a good hitter. He provides power and gets on base via walks, but his ability to make contact is limited, even in the best of times.

Getting back to the main topic of this thread, I don't think Dunn is the worst free-agent signing in Sox history. I'd give that dubious honor to Jamie Navarro, who not only sucked for three seasons, but also threw his teammates under the bus, saying, "I can't hit for these guys," following a start in which he surrendered nine runs. I'd actually given him the benefit of the doubt prior to opening his mouth, but after he said that, I wanted him off the team, and had WSI been around back then, I'd have started fifty different threads calling for his immediate release.

Adam Dunn doesn't appear to have much left, but he's not a bad teammate. Jamie Navarro was ass who also happened to be terrible at his job. Not a good combination to have.
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