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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Slight hijack, but related: If the Sox decline to re-sign Paulie, does Dunn become the primary 1B (in perhaps more of a DH rotation among several position players), and thus would it be reasonable to expect his hitting to improve?
As much as I love Paulie, the situation we would be in without him would actually be acceptable and give us room for flexibility.

Looking as Dunn, Viciedo and Konerko fill in the positions LF, 1B and DH, letting Paulie go may actually make sense. With Dunn being able to play 1B and LF (I know he's a bad LF) and Viciedo being able to play LF and maybe 1B, we could bring in a cheaper replacement to Paulie and we would not be limited to bringing in only a first baseman. We would be able to bring in a 1B or a leftfielder or DH type. With options, Hahn could bring in a player that fits what he is trying to do and letting PK go opens up several possibilities as opposed to just one option.
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