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Originally Posted by gobears1987 View Post
Can we finally put to bed the myth that Kenny Williams was some supposed genius?
I don't blame KW, I blame Dunn himself. Pre-2011, Dunn's numbers were remarkably consistent. Now if you assume those numbers will start off with that consistency, and then add in the pro-offense of The Cell for 82 games, and the fact that he could be a DH for 150, and not hurt your defense, I would have signed Dunn too.

The downward slide of the backend of Dunn's career, the health issues, the mental issues or whatever, Dunn is to blame and not KW.

The choice here is Navarro, by a long shot! If you are going to pitch bad, own up to it, don't blame your teammates. Look at Barry Zito, how he has become an asset to the Giants after failing miserably after signing that huge FA contract.
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