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I have always been of the belief that it has to be tough to walk away from a goldmine. Still, I think it's crazy to spend upwards of $300 million dollars on a dump like Wrigley Field. Most of the Cubs fans I talk to would welcome a brand new stadium in Rosemont, especially when Rosemont is giving you the land for nothing. The only other city that gave a baseball team land to build their stadium was LA, where the Dodgers built their stadium. Some people have made comments that Boston fixed up Fenway Park a few years ago. I read an article last year with one of the executives of the Red Sox, and he said if they had to do it all over again, they would of built a new stadium. Even though Fenway Park has been rehabbed it's still an old building with some of the same issues it had before. I know the White Sox lease runs through 2026, but I still think they will start looking for a new stadium in another 10 years or so. I would think if Rosemont or some other near the city suburb offers the White Sox land to build a stadium on, they will jump at the opportunity.
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